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.Went out of business in 2011, was a good, small rental service but only available to WA, SA and NT

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DVD Direct DVD Rental Review

Visit DVD Direct SiteDVD Direct went out of business in 2011, but this review is kept just as it was for posterity.

With only about 6,000 titles, DVD Direct have the smallest of Australia's online rental company inventories, only about twice times as large as the average video store in fact. They do offer some game rentals on the 2 or more disc at-a-time plans (only available after one full month of membership). However, these are only a handful of older PS2 and Xbox games.

We like DVD Direct's 'Fair Go' service - you tell them when you have posted your DVDs back and they then pledge to dispatch the next one(s) on the next business day - rather than waiting for the returns to arrive like most companies. This is particularly useful if you're located in a remote location by reducing turn-around time, increasing the number of movies you can potentially see in a month and therefore giving better value for money too!

DVD Direct has recently begun stocking Blu-Ray High Definitions discs, though their inventory system makes them difficult to count, perhaps 400+ titles.

While we've scored them highly for service on the basis of their 'Fair Go' system and good customer reviews, sadly they currently offer a limited service -- shipping only to Western Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory at present. On the bright side, this means they are realistic about feasibility of fast turnaround of DVD rentals across the areas they do service and suggests they are putting the customer first.


Prices: Rental plans start from $17.95/month for a single DVD at-a-time. The highest number of discs at-a-time they offer is 4, for $46.95, and all their plans allow unlimited total rentals per month.

DVD Direct DVD Rental Customer Comments
Featured DVD Direct Customer Review

Anth from Perth, May 25, 2006

For Perth people this beats the others as its local.

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Most Recent DVD Direct Customer Reviews

Trevor from Perth, March 27, 2006

When using their free trial offer, most of their more popular dvd's were not allowed to be hired. Useless

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Rigby from Broome, November 3, 2005

Good value with quick service. I've tried several other companies and didn't find them any better - then was enticed back by a special offer for returning customers and think I shall stay with them now.

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Key Facts

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1 disc: $17.95
2 discs:
3 discs:
4 discs:

Free Trial: 2 weeks

Titles: 6,000+
Game Rentals:
yes, PS2 and Xbox
Blu-Ray HD:
400+ (estimate)
Adult Films:
Phone Contact:

Based in: Perth

Service: WA, SA & NT only

1300 665 549
DVD Direct, PO Box 40, Maylands, WA, 6931

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