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.Previous top choice for Melbourne residents, but now out of business

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DVD Jam DVD Rental Review

Visit DVD JAM SiteDVDJam were long the top choice for Melbourne residents, but in late 2006 they stopped taking new members and began selling off their stock, and they since shut down. We keep this review posted for posterity.

We love the funky website design, which is easy to use and has the usual browse categories of titles, actors,directors, and year. A quick search through their catalogue suggests that their range of titles is a bit more limited than some of the other companies but they do also have games available for Xbox, and PS2 available to subscribers of the 3+ DVD plans, so if you're a gamer this might make up for the absence of some more obscure film titles.

To the best of our knowledge, DVDJam are the only online DVD rental company to offer a choice of delivery options - between Australia Post (like everyone else) and CBD. CBD involves delivery to a local distributor for you to pickup, and is slightly cheaper than delivery to the door. This may be useful depending on your circumstances and guarantees a next day delivery.

Prices: Sadly DVDJam don't currently offer a free trial, but they do give you the first month for half price. Occasionally they offer a 2-week trial, so keep a eye out here for updates!

DVDJam offer 5 price plans for postal subscribers, ranging from $19.95 a month for the 1 DVD at-a-time option, to $54.95 for 5 at-a-time. It is a few dollars cheaper if you go with the CBD option, and there is also a 'casual CBD plan' of 1 DVD for $6.00, a but about the $5 per disc industry standard.

Game rental is only available on the 3+ DVD at-a-time plans, as follows:

  • 3 DVD plan you can choose to rent 1 game and 1 movie or music title ($35.95/month)
  • 4 DVD plan you can choose to rent 2 games or 1 game and 2 movies or music titles ($44.95/month)
  • 5 DVD plan you can choose to rent 2 games and 1 movie or music title or 1 game and 3 movie or music titles ($54.95/month)


DVD Jam DVD Rental Customer Comments
Featured DVD Jam Customer Review

KC, July 23, 2007

No longer operating as a DVD rental business, although looking at their website one could think otherwise, read carefully.

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Most Recent DVD Jam Customer Reviews

Murray from Melbourne, October 28, 2005

I've been really impressed with the CBD service - its convenient and QUICK - none of the other companies even come close to matching the turn-around time it provides.

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Based in: Melbourne/Perth

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DVDJam Pty Ltd, PO Box 3897, Nunawading VIC 3131
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JAMDVD Pty Ltd, Unit 3, 10 Nash St, East Perth

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