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Moviebase Blu-Ray Rental


. Moviebase is a promising new Blu-Ray only rental service which began in late 2011 and has more Blu-Ray titles than any other Australian rental company.

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Moviebase Blu-Ray Rental Review

Visit Moviebase SiteMoviebase is a new service launched in late 2011 catering only to Blue-Ray disc rentals-by-post, and appears to be delivering on its promise. First of all, this is a smaller service--they offer no standard DVD rentals, and as Blu-Ray makes up a smaller niche in the market, they're aiming to fill that high end niche. We tried to count their inventory, but this isn't easy--titles are double counted in various genre lists for instance, so our best guess is around 2,500 titles, a bit more than the number Quicklfix stocks

The service works like the rest of the industry, choose your films and add to MyCue, they post them to you, you watch, return in a prepaid envelope, and the swaps continue.

They have 27 genres, some quite specific and small like Bond and Star Trek, as well as 3D Blu--Rays. Each title has a host of information, hyperlinked Director, Stars, Genre, as well as non-hyperlinked Release Date, Writer, Producer, Run Time, Studio, Subtites, Language, and Aspect Ratio. For most titles you can view the Trailer online, which is a major plus. As this is a new service, there are very few user reviews as yet, and those appear to be 1-5 star only, no narrative. But this is still a good capability for launch, and such extra may be added in future.

Moviebase has an interesting feature called Express Return. You can click that you've posted your Blu-Ray back in the mail, and they will send you your next one without waiting for to receive it first. A member on the Unlimited 2 disc out plan can have the same amount of discs in transit as on their plan, so essentially they can have 4 discs in rotation at all times. However, they reserve the right to disable the feature if people say they have returned an item and they do not swiftly arrive.

They have Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as a Newletter you can sign up for (though no editions yet as of early 2012). You can actually log in to your Moviebase account through Facebook and manage your queue with just two clicks,


Prices: Rental plans are all for unlimited swaps, starting from $19.00/month for a single Blu-Ray at-a-time, $24 for two Blu-Rays out at a time, and $35 for three Blu-Rays out at a time. There is no free trial, but the first month is half price.

Note that if you want to cancel, you must confirm this online and return all Blu-ray discs within 5 working days of cancellation or your account will continue to be charged.

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