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.User friendly Queensland website with great games rental range and site design

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GameGuys DVD Rental Review
Visit GameGuys SiteQueensland-based MovieGuys ceased doing DVD rentals in September 2008 and now focuses exclusively on video games rental--they're now called GameGuys. They cover the Wii, PS2, PS3, DS, and Xbox 360.

GameGuys was founded in 2006 and we love the funky website design, which has an impressive list of 25 video game genre categories.

Information listed on each game is considerable, including a longer synopsis than usual for sites like this, rating, average user rating, and date added to the inventor. They also list game instructions and cheats, a rare plus which few worldwide video game rental sites provide.

GameGuys do have a Fair Use Policy, where if you use "excessive or unreasonable" rentals, they will charge you $1 to cover postage charges for each additional mailing over 8 in a month--presumably per slot for your subscription. So, if one a one-disc plan, you could have up to eight games in a month, two-game plan, sixteen, three disc plan, twenty-four, etc. These caps are rather high, and shouldn't affect the vast majority of customers, especially as even a hardcore gamer will take several days to beat a game. However, if you are a very high-volume renter, we'd go with a different company.

They also feature a Keep It option, which allows you to purchase ex-rental games. You also have the flexibility to pay by either credit card or direct debit.


Prices: GameGuys do not offer a free trial. They offer 2 price plans,$19.95 a month for the 1 game at-a-time option, to $29.95 for 2 at-a-time.

If you cancel your membership. you must return all outstanding games within 7 days.

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GameGuys DVD Rental Customer Comments
Featured Movieguys Customer Review

Greg from Queensland, July 21, 2007

Id just like to say what an excellent service GameGuys has been for me.

I've been so happy with the service, the transit times were so fast and the price was excellent.

I especially loved the fact CDs were being sent in perfect condition, scratched CDs always turned me off usual renting options.

I simply chose to leave due to my lack of using my console anymore, no negative reasons whatsoever.

If I decide to resume use of my console I will definitely be back

Thanks for a pleasant experience.

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Most Recent Movieguys Customer Reviews

Paul from Newcastle, 13 August, 2008

I have tried this site and found it to be very good. It is especially good for gamers and has many titles [including xbox 360 and Playstation 2 @ 3 as well]. I have had no problems with them. Discs are clean, turn-around is good,and so is the range and service. They also have Blu-Ray.

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Margaret from QLD, 5 March, 2008

I have been a member of GameGuys for the past 12 months and have enjoyed the service. I went on holidays for a month and my account was paused on time and my next lot of movies were there upon my arrival home.

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David, December 15, 2007

I decided on this site because I could rent games and movies but was disappointed when it took so long for them to send the items I requested. When I contacted them they told me that it was normal to wait up to 3 weeks for titles!!!

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Kimberly from Gold Coast, January 20, 2007

After trying a few rental sites, these guys are a refreshing change. I always get my first pick of movies and they all work. I have had so much trouble in the past with these problems. The site is easy to use and turn around is great. About time well done guys.

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Donna from Sippy Downs, January 11, 2007

I've used a service like this overseas and have found it just as good. I emailed them to ask about a TV series and they got it in for me. Turn around time is really good. I was impressed.

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