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.No longer in the DVD rental business, this Queensland-based company had many fans while it was in business

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V2 Direct DVD Rental Review

Visit V2direct SiteV2Direct ceased business as a DVD rental company in September 2009--this review is kept as it was for posterity.

V2 Direct is the online subsidiary of Video 2000, which runs over 100 stores across Australia. They naturally have both a substantial (currently 23,000+) catalogue and plenty of experience in the DVD rental market.

Their site was down intermittently in mid-2008--never a good thing for an online DVD rental site. However, V2 Direct management have told us this problem has been resolved and customers were given free rentals as compensation.

In addition to a wide range of movies, V2Direct also provides game rentals for the Xbox 360, Xbox and Playstation 1 & 2. They also offer a wide range of R-rated Adult and XXX-rated adult films, but with a family-friendly, parental control feature to prevent this content from being visible if you wish. If you want adult films and/or game rentals as well as the usual range of movies then this is a good option. However, they do not stock High Definition Blu-ray discs.

Their search engine is rather simple in comparison to other sites, as is the overall feel of the site design. However, the site's overall functionality is good; for instance, they list some 20 genres, and each of those includes several subgenres, making browsing a breeze. The film stars, directors, and genres are all hyperlinked, so you can see what other films a given actor has starred in.

V2Direct are based in Brisbane (with an additional depot in Darwin) and state that "customers in Queensland typically receive new DVDs with 48 hours", while "customers in regional areas outside QLD should receive theirs within 3 days" (of posting). In fact we have heard about plenty of happy customers, but many of them do happen to be resident in Queensland. Those further afield haven't been so impressed with the turnaround time.

V2Direct has a "MovieMate" review system, where if you rate the films you watch, it will learn your preferences and suggest films you'll like. This is useful to find those hidden gems you'd otherwise miss, and expose you to some different titles in the same vein as those you already like. They also have other features, like the ability to purchase used DVDs, including a special to by four used films for $40.

Prices: V2Direct have no less than eight price plans ranging from $18.95 for 1 DVD at-a-time to 8 DVDs at a time for $78.95. All their plans allow an unlimited number of DVDs per month, so if you're watching them and returning them swiftly its a great deal. Moreover, at the moment V2direct offer the cheapest unlimited rental options, earning them a 4.5 star rating for Value.

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V2 Direct DVD Rental Customer Comments
Featured V2 Direct Customer Review

Simon from Perth, May 4, 2006

Good range of DVD's, even some pretty obscure ones I've been hunting for, every one at the top of my list I have received so far, regardless of demand. The DVDs have taken a little while to arrive, even with the fact that I have generally watched them the night they arrive, and generally manage to hit the "Returned" button as soon as I drop them in the post box that night or the next morning. I'm getting 3 DVDs a week out of them.

Customer service response (by email so far) has been fast, and effective, even 30 minutes before close of business in the Eastern states. If they get the slow turn around problem solved (they'll have to beat Aussie post somehow), this company will win the race.

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Most Recent V2 Direct Customer Reviews

Van Dam, September 17, 2009

Great service - shame ist just gone under.

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Van Dam, May 20, 2009

I searched for a new online rental company when i became unbelievably frustrated by Bigpond movies endless supply of scratched unwatchable movies. I am happy to say that I have been with v2direct for three years - and not one scratched movie. Obviously higher quality control and customer service than Bigpond.

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Di, October 10, 2008

I have been using V2 for about 2 years. We have never had a problem, we have superfast turnaround times - we live in Brisbane maybe that makes the difference. Huge selection of games and DVD and I think its reasonably priced. Finally a company that's doing it right AND aussie owned.

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Lee, September 21, 2008

V2 Direct's site is continually down and you can't access it when you want. They have a mad selection but with the site crashing all the time they are becoming painful.

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Mick from Brisbane, March 27, 2008

Thank you for the prompt service and the chance to rent games at the same price with all the movies we order coming on time. Well done.

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Brad from Melbourne, March 16, 2006

It is good value for the money ( games, movies and XXX movies), but too slow takes too long to get the dvds, maybe 3 in a week. and the website only works with Internet explorer. firefox not supported.

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Marcia from Dunsborough, November 1, 2005

Seriously slow delivery times.

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1 disc/unlimited: $18.95
2 discs/unlimited: $24.95
3 discs/unlimited: $30.95
4 discs/unlimited: $38.95
5 discs/unlimited: $48.95
6 discs/unlimited: $58.95
7 discs/unlimited: $68.95
8 discs/unlimited: $78.95

Free Trial: 2nd month free

Titles: 23,000
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yes, Xbox 360, Xbox, PS1, and PS2
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Based in: Queensland

Service: All Australia

07 3205 8141

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