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.Excellent site design, user-friendly, and innovative.

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WebFlicks DVD Rental Review
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WebFlicks' website design is excellent. Browsing is simple and easy with the an impressive 21 genres to surf through, though we'd prefer the addition of subgenres like Quickflix. In addition there are several movie lists to inspire you if you're short of a choice or two, like Scary Movies, Big Comedies, Expert Picks, etc. There are over 23,000 titles (quite an increase from the 3,000 they had at launch in 2002), more than enough to satisfy most customers. They only stock around 150 Blu-ray High Definition titles by our count in early 2012, so if you have Blu-ray player, you'll want to look elsewhere.

The software engine behind WebFlicks is impressive, allowing movie sequels and TV series DVDs to be dispatched in the correct order; a rarity in other Australian (and indeed worldwide) rental companies. It also allows for multiple occupancy households so there's no arguments over certain individuals always getting their choices ... a unique feature not to be underestimated! There is also an ASAP system, where you designate a disc you'd really like to have, and the WebFlicks system tries to get you that one first, which can especially help with those in demand new releases.

They may not be the biggest DVD rental company in Australia, but we believe they are one of the better ones. WebFlicks has gone from strength to strength; in 2002, they bought out DVDrent (the first DVD online rental site, started in September 1998), and they later merged with RedCarpet and DVD Point.


Prices: WebFlicks offers a two-week free trial. In 2008 they broadened their subscription plans to 12 straightforward price plans. We crunched the numbers on what the average price per disc would be below, so you can better judge value. The unlimited plans start at 1 disc out for $14.90 (if you watched a modest one film per week that would work out to $3.55 per disc), 2 discs out for $24.90 (working out to $2.96 per disc), 3 discs out for $34.90 (working out to $2.77 per disc), 4 discs out for $44.90 (equivalent to $2.67 per disc), 6 discs out for $59.90 (roughly $2.38 per disc), and 8 discs out for $79.90 (again, roughly $2.38 per disc). Of course, you can often do better than one disc per week on an unlimited plan, and if you're a hardcore movie buff that skews the numbers and makes the unlimited plans even more of a bargain.

They also have the following capped plans if you are a lower volume user:2 discs out four total per month for $9.95 (working out to $2.49 per disc); 2 discs out, 8 total in the month for $19.95 ($2.49 per disc); 3 discs out, 10 total rentals for $24.95 ($2.50 per disc); 4 discs out, 12 total rentals for $34.95 ($2.91 per disc--this is actually a worse deal than sticking with the the unlimited disc plan); 6 discs out, 20 rentals total for $49.95 ($2.49 per disc); and finally 8 discs out, 30 rentals total, for $69.95 ($2.31 per disc).

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WebFlicks DVD Rental Customer Comments
Featured WebFlicks Customer Review

J Peters, May 22, 2008

Reasonable service, just a couple of complaints: (1) I'm almost always sent DVDs from the bottom of my priority list; (2) they always wait a couple of days between receiving a returned DVD and sending out a new one.

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Most Recent WebFlicks Customer Reviews

Heather from Brisbane, April 23, 2010

I think webflicks is the worst possible dvd rental business in Australia. I started a trial with them, bigpond and quickflix and eventually decided to go with bigpond. I cancelled quickflix, no problems but when i tried to cancel webflicks i couldn't get in contact with them, so i suspended the account ( they dont accept account cancellations by email). I then tried to contact them again, still unsuccessful, so i suspended the account again and cancelled my card. I had only received 4 dvds from them in the free trial, and in fact hadn't even used the entire free period. So, you would think when they tried to take money out for a months subscription( 4 months later) they would see the card was cancelled and simply suspend the account, and they did. I had assumed hat was the end of it WRONG, they then had their merchant obtain an authorisation number for my new account and withdrew 29.00 dollars from account, they claimed i owed them money, even though i had not received any dvds from them outside the free trial. They had my address and my phone number but did not attempt to contact me. I did not find out they had done this until i suddenly received a dvd from them in the mail, i contacted them immediately and funnily enough i was successful, they told me they didnt take any money from my account, even though the websites say they did, i told them not to send me anymore dvds, and marked the second dvd return to sender without opening it. Today, i receive a very rude email fromthem, suggested i lied about trying to contact them, even though they had sent me nothing, so it puzzles me how i could benefit. They advise me that my account is now cancelled and that i owe them nothing, except the 30.00 $ they stole, for 2 law and order season 1 dvds ( whole season retails for less than that, and you can keep them). They can now deal with my bank. I would not recommend them to anyone, the terms and conditions state that even if you cancel your membership with them 1 day after your billed, they will still keep the entire charge, they just wont send you any dvds.

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Ros from Melbourne, September 6, 2009

I have been using them for over 6 months and love it!! The turn around is quick dvds sent usually with in 24 hours, customer service is fantastic, good value for money. I highly recommend webflicks.

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John from Sydney, August 2, 2008

Good all-round service, much better customer service interaction than with Bigpond, and I'm never going back!

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Leah from Melbourne, February 13, 2008

During my time as a webflicks customer I had very few complaints. Until I tried to cancel my service. WebFlicks continued to charge me for three months following my cancellation without me noticing. When I queried the additional charges they explained it was because there was a "missing" dvd from 8 months ago that I had no idea about. Apparently it is a bit too much to expect that they would send me a quick email to follow it up! Better to keep charging hoping I don't notice. Their customer service in trying to rectify the problem was the most horrendous part - delayed, rude and requiring a statutory declaration from me to prove the disc was missing!

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